Five Smartest Uses for Mobile Cloud Computing

If you’re a user of cloud services, then the likelihood is you’re a convert of the most useful data backup and access technique to emerge in decades. If you’ve not used it yet, perhaps learning that it can be just as useful when used on your mobile devices might be the fact that tempts you […]

Optimizing your CRM benefits.

Description: Customer relationship management is an important business tool. But often companies make mistakes that prevent them from deriving the fullest benefits from the software. This write up has discussed the mistakes that can be easily avoided to improve functionalities of CRM solution. Optimizing CRM benefits: Mistakes to avoid CRM has proved to be a […]

Application migration to cloud: The challenges to overcome

Cloud is the present as well as the future of computation. It has freed users from the confinements of desktops by transmitting software applications and data to a virtualized environment from where those can be accessed by users from every part of the world without obstacles. Cloud offers a shared pool of computing resources accessible […]

The SaaS Industry Infographic

According to tech research firm Gartner, Software as a Service (SaaS) will have a healthy growth through 2015, and revenue is projected to reach around $22 billion. The below infographic shows the state of SaaS industry.  

What Are The Best Cloud Based Business Applications?

As the business world moves further towards being completely cloud based, the use of applications to make operations more efficient is also becoming more crucial. Gone are the days when a meeting agenda would be sent via e-mail to hundreds of people, or a plan have to be amended a dozen times because people couldn’t […]

The 10 Best Web Hosting Services

What makes a good web host? The answer is defined by the needs of the client. For some clients, all they need is a web host that has a high percentage of uptime. For other clients, it’s the support and options that are most important. All around, clients expect a great value responsive service, and 24/7 […]

Unclouding the Myths of Cloud Computing in the Healthcare Industry.

The almighty cloud is reshaping the field of healthcare like a glacier etching new form into barren lands. The potential for greatness is clear, though cloud computing must overcome its misunderstood nature and float over many hurdles to encompass the healthcare industry for its own benefit. Clouded Truths The myths and misinformation surrounding the cloud […]

Renewed Calls for Cloud Computing Standards in Europe

The popular and cutting-edge data storage and retrieval practice of Cloud Computing has once again been called into question by the European Union. The technology itself is well perceived but the lack of a European or in fact world-wide standard has once again been a huge talking point at this year’s industry event in Berlin. […]

Keeping Data Centers Open During Natural Disasters

The subject of how to keep data centers open during natural disasters gains greater prominence whenever a major natural disaster strikes, as was recently the case with Superstorm Sandy.  While not technically a hurricane, the storm hit vulnerable areas of the Northeast United States and caused the financial markets to shut down, not because they […]

The Meteoric Rise of Mobile Gambling

Everyone has seen it – the flashing lights and the noise of the slot machines, coins clattering, and only feet away, card dealers slip 52 faces across felt table tops and ladies blow on lucky dice as they shoot craps. Everybody wants to be a high roller – and now, it can all be done […]