Backup your Smartphone to Cloud Servers using Mobile Apps

Your smartphone holds a lot of valuable, personal and sensitive information, including photographs, videos, music and contacts. Therefore, it’s sensible to backup this data with the help of backup apps.

Upgrading your phone’s software often results in loss of data while your media files, contacts and settings can be easily backed up, your game scores and levels achieved will take a bad beating. That is when  a powerful app like Titanuim Backup Pro can come to your rescue. however, you need a rooted phone t o use thiis app and need to grant it superuser rights. Then start the app and back up the data. The app backs up, restores, freezes apps and data along with market links. You can also back up data that is on your cloud-based apps.

Mobile cloud backup

Why you should use cloud apps?

A lot of data can slow down your phone and leave little space for other things. Instead. you can store your files on the cloud, Where they will remain safe and can be accessed at any time.

Here are apps for different Mobile platforms.

1. Titanium Backup Pro

It makes it easy to backup apps, contacts and settings. You can also freeze apps and sync backups to the cloud.

Paid app; Available for Android.

2. Nokia Ovi Suite

With the Nokia Ovi Suite, you can backup your contacts, music, photos as well as videos on the cloud.

Free ; Available for Symbian.

3. DropBox

Upload photos. videos, documents, etc. to your DropBox account and access them on other synced devices or PCs.

Free app; Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry.

4. Sugarsync

Create instant backup of files and share them or stream media directly. You can also organize files into folders.

Paid app; Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian.

5. Zumo Drive

Sync your iTunes and Picasa library with your phone with this lag free cloud service. It also offers 2GB free space.

Free app; Available for iOS, Android.


What apps you have been using before?

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